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Currently, I'm into crossovers right now and I have a CrossOTP which I'd like to share my headcanon about. Please note that this crosspair 'essay' is originally made back in 2015 and I'm reuploading on LiveJournal as a reference to why I ship Tohma and Suzume as a crosspair.


WARNING: This journal entry contains the poster's views on a crossover pairing and headcanons that may offend the reader/viewer. Please do read this at your own risk. ALSO, this journal entry might be long as heck because of her fangirling. Don't like what she says? Please leave your complaints in a note. Oh yeah, unclean language. Crappy quality of screenshots, using the screenshot capture since she is too lazy to download the episodes and taking screenshots on her WWM 2.6. And it had been a WHILE since she hasn't' rewatch the episodes of Gash Bell and Digimon savers thus her information might be inaccurate and clearly, she doing it from memory. Also, IT IS AU THING.

Series: Digimon Savers and Konjiki No Gash Bell!

Yeah, it is time for me to explain.

So, where do I start? Oh, right. At the beginning.


Before I've gotten into Digimon Savers, Konjiki No Gash Bell! was pretty much my forte and still is until this day. Seriously, that series needs more love. If you're planning to watch the anime, I suggest the subbed version over the dubbed since Viz media never finished, dubbing it. If you'd want to see more stuff, the manga is better XD

Anyway, Kiyomaro (The main character of the series) and Suzume (Kiyomaro's classmate and one of the supporting characters in series) became my Gash Bell! OTP and damn, I still love them until this day. When I've gotten into Crossovers, that is when I started to pair Suzume up with other dudes from other anime! XD My first Suzume crossover pairing was with Itsuki Koizumi from The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya, thanks to roleplaying and I still like ItsuSuzu.

After Itsuki, it was APH America from Hetalia (I lost my interest in AmeSuzu) and Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto {Oh god, why did I like SasuSuzu}. I kinda have a girlxgirl thing for SakuSuzu (Sakura Haruno from Naruto). OOPS. For a long time, I really like ItsuSuzu. Then, motherfucking gogglehead Takuya Kanbara from Digimon Frontier came along with Kouichi Kimura (YES, I used to ship Kouichi with Suzume LMFAO but my TakuSuzu feeling had taken over my KouiSuzu one.} Besides, I only see TakuSuzu and KouiSuzu as my onesided pairings because of the age difference between the two boys and Suzume.

Also, I used to ship Suzume with Taichi from Digimon Adventure/02 O_O But I lost my interest after.

And ah, yes...I do have a little thing for Tomoki's brother (Digimon Frontier) and Suzume but who cares about Yutaka, a minor character? LOL

But, when I saw this fucker...

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shows up, that is when I decided I've found a new other/anime dude to ship with Suzume. I know, I was being shallow and I'm not afraid to admit it. I'm PROUD of my TohmSuzu CrossPair.


In a headcanon of mine, Tohma and Suzume have something similar; they don't have their one parent with them.

Touma's mother died in an accident when he was young and Suzume's father was absent from the actual story of Konjiki No Gash Bell! Makoto Raiku, the author of Gash Bell, never once mentioned anything about Suzume's father. Heck, Suzume's mother was only showed in a few of panels in the whole manga. I guessed he had left Suzume's father open for interpretation.

So, who was Suzume's father? Where was he during the events of Gash Bell? Well, here is what I think...

Divorce: Suzume's parents are divorced and she doesn't see her father much because of the possibilities: (1) working in a different country and can't see his daughter much. (2) Dealing with his new family and doesn't want anything to do with her and her mother. (3) She keeps in contact with him through emails, phone calls, and letters only with actually seeing him.

Deceased: Suzume's father has passed away, leaving Suzume, his only child, behind with his wife. If he was working as a policeman, he died in the line of duty. In a flashback in a chapter of the manga, Suzume admired policewomen. Maybe those policewomen reminded her of her father. Or he died in an accident or worse, killed by someone.

I think these interpretations would explain why Suzume felt very lonely. According to one of the character introductions from the manga, Raiku described her as"senile" and "always involved within disasters." through it was changed in the later volumes. Maybe Suzume was dealing with bullshit in her family and never told anyone. Not even Kiyomaro or her best friend, Mariko Nakamura.

Probably just like with Tohma and his father. In episode 34, Tohma told his father about he didn't do anything when he and his mother were suffering and in episode 42 when he was pissed as hell at the fact that his father insulted his mother by being silent when they went to see his grandmother. Talk about DAMN, this was the second time of seeing a very ANGRY Tohma, besides on episode 15. I don't remember the other episodes because I have a bad memory and too lazy to rewatch them again.

In one of the unwritten short stories of mine, Suzume and Tohma talked about their respective pasts. This was the time when they were only acquaintances, not even friends yet lmfao. The subject just came out of nowhere. For this universe, Suzume's father is dead so she can see where Tohma was coming from and he can see that he wasn't the only one with a dead parent and understood Suzume.



Depending on the manga and anime, her personality might be a little different because of the damn animators and scriptwriters tended to over-exaggerate her traits in the anime. In the anime version of the England arc, Suzume won a trip to Hong Kong but somehow, she ends up in London, mistaking it for Hong Kong the whole time. Yeah, BULLSHIT. So, NOPE, I'm using the Manga! Suzume. In fact, I like the manga better anyway and nope, she does NOT go to London or win a trip at all.

“A classmate who has a crush on Kiyomaro. Naturally senile and is always involved in disasters.” ~Gash Bell Manga (Volume 2)

“A classmate of Kiyomaro’s who likes him. She’s extremely clumsy but has a kind personality.”~Gash Bell Manga (Volume 29)

Suzume is a kind-hearted and cheerful girl with an adventurous aura. She can easily get frustrated or jealous if she make a mistake or see other girls with Kiyomaro. She can also get emotional easily as well. She does her best to help others in need through she’s bound to make mistakes. It seemed like she wanted to study but having a hard time due to her insecurity.

Also, Suzume can be loud; she likes to talk about anything. But, she'd stay quiet or cry if something was bothering her. She's oblivious to what was going on with Kiyomaro, Gash, and their Mamono battles. I mean, why she didn't question about the lightning, coming out from Gash's mouth? Then again, Suzume is not that oblivious at all; she noticed something was up with Kiyomaro on chapter 187 and what's going on between Kiyomaro and Megumi on chapter 168.

Compared to Kiyomaro and his high intelligence, Suzume isn't so bright at all when it comes to her schoolwork. When she took notes for him while he was absent from school, she still made mistakes. Her test scores from her mock exam were low, to the point she was crying. However, Suzume figured out where was South America (Where Kiyomaro and Gash were) in a map and seems to know how to put money into a bank's account so she can be bright when it comes to the things that she can handle XD


He has to be smarter than Kiyomaro if he graduated from a university at the age of 13 and have a medical license and they're both geniuses! He is calm and planned stuff. He isn't so oblivious at all and gets irritated easy with someone who doesn't follow his "flawless" plans and logic (Yeah, I don't blame him on the logic part) Like with Masaru He also has an elitist attitude. Like, the fuck, man? You were shamed for being common blood.

I'd not say that he is quiet, but I think he'd get irritated at someone who is louder than him, especially when he tried to focus on his work. Like Kiyomaro, he thinks about a strategy before going on with it to defeat the enemy; something that Suzume would not think of at first.

Suzume and Tohma

Both of them can get emotional when it comes to their loved ones. They're both honest; Tohma with his calling out to Masaru's behavior and isn't afraid to say something negative and Suzume admitting that she isn't so good at Math and other stuff. (Except her feelings for Kiyomaro who is oblivious to them.} They actually do care for their loved ones and friends; Tohma with his sister Relena, Masaru and the others. Suzume with Kiyomaro and her friends. And they both want to help people.

At the beginning

LOL This is the part where is purely headcanon, people.

So, how did Suzume and Tohma met? Well...

Actually, they met each other when they were children. (I know, it's so Cliche XD}. Suzume saw a sad-looking Tohma on a river bank at the park. She wanted to cheer him up by offering him a couple of daisies (She wouldn't dare to give him a white one since white symbolized death in Japan after all.} Of course, they never saw each other again until YEARS later lol.

At the age of 14 and in the 8th grade, Suzume met a Digimon and became friends with it. She didn't know her emotions summoned this Digimon; lately, she was emotionally unstable because of the memories of her father and fear of not making it to High school due to her low confidence. Also, she was being jealous of Megumi Ooumi or other girls for being near Kiyomaro. Anyway, she and the Digimon were tracked down by Tohma and Gaomon. Sadly, they didn't remember each other from their childhood.

Gaomon defeated the Digimon, easily and Tohma, unfortunately, have to erase Suzume's memories with the memory eraser.


Two Years Later

At the age of 16, they saw each other again in the DATs headquarters when Suzume have a Digimon named Lunamon. While, Suzume, obviously, didn't remember him, Tohma did remember her but pretend he didn't and went along with Commander Sampson's orders. On the first time, he was getting irritated with her because Suzume was being too loud. But the only thing they did agree together was...yeah you guess it; Masaru. The street fighter was annoying the crap out of the both of them.

And from there, they through various events and ending up, developing feelings for each other through Tohma would more quiet about it while Suzume started to become shy around him. Of course, the other characters noticed and comment on their moments.

They'd be both in denial. Yeah, coming from both HONEST characters.


In an alternate universe, Tohma and Suzume have to get married to ignore rumors from the public about their daughter being born before a marriage. Asuna was conceived when they were still dating.

Asuna Norstein: The first-born child of Tohma and Suzume. She has her mother's hair and eye color but looks more like her father. She likes to study and sing songs. Sometimes, she'd wear reading glasses, earning the nickname "Nerdstein 2.0" by Marcus. She seemed to be curious and get irritated easily. She's friends with the children of Kotonoha and Serena.


  • Suzume buys her own stuff with her own money through Tohma would offer money of his own.

  • Suzume didn't know about Tohma's nationality as a half-Japanese and half-Austrian, coming from a wealthy family until she found out from Masaru and Yoshino.

  • Suzume hated to rely on Tohma.

  • In one of the short stories, it was revealed that Suzume didn't like Tohma at first.

  • In a concept anime AU, Suzume and Tohma attended a boarding school that was haunted and both died from a snake poison. In a different version, Tohma died in a different way while Suzume's fate is left unknown.

  • In a scrapped AU idea of Digimon Savers's episode 34, Suzume joined Kurata on the behalf of Tohma. The side plot was abandoned due to being too dark. In the plot, Tohma, knowing Suzume's feelings for him, would manipulate her into fighting Masaru and the others.

  • In the Japanese version, Tohma and Suzume referred to each other by the surnames with the "San" honorific.


Yeah, I suck at explaining stuff so these are the reason why I love this CrossPair. And of course, there's no evidence. I'm talking about of shipping characters from two different anime lol.


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